Special GOLD Edition – The Faris Foundation Quarterly

The Faris Foundation Quarterly September 2019
Special GOLD Edition in Honor of National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month
“Don’t kids matter? Aren’t we important? When I grow up, I will Let There Be GOLD.” –Faris D. Virani, age 8

 Gold is our color, September is our month 
Let There Be GOLD is The Faris Foundation’s response to childhood cancer. Our month-long campaign in September aims to raise awareness and build community around childhood cancer.

Let There Be GOLD from The Faris Foundation on Vimeo.

We invite you to join us this month to celebrate and honor children and families affected by childhood cancer. Learn how you can be SOLID GOLD this September by visiting LetThereBeGOLD.org

Signing off with a Twinkling Thought 
“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”
– Mother Teresa

Gold Star
 Goes to Prime Communications, for creating golden ripples across the nation for childhood cancer awareness.

Glow Baby Glow
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