Our Team

Our Team

Faris D. Virani

Chief Angel Officer


Our fearless leader and “knight in shining armor,” Faris D. left his “heartprint” for us to follow and guides us with his shimmering Light. Like Faris, we seek to be bold, original, and transformative in all that we do. Read Faris D. Virani’s story here.

Asha Jamal Virani, MD

Founder and Mommy to Chief Angel Officer, Faris D.


My greatest honor and the privilege of my lifetime is being mommy to my amazingly resilient and spirited children – Faraz, Zoya, and my sweet angel Faris D.

Being a physician who has endured the journey of childhood cancer gives me a unique perspective on science, its limitations, and the healing and hope that lies in the human spirit – the spark of the Divine inherent in us all that can overcome anything. My sweet boy taught me that in the face of hardship, how to live joyfully and love abundantly without despair and to choose grace, gratitude, and faithfully submit to the mystery of life.

Our Chief Angel Officer to the foundation, Faris D. inspires me from sunrise to sunset. This Foundation is his legacy. His shimmering light leads the way – I follow.

Farid Virani

Co-Founder and Papa to Chief Angel Officer, Faris D.

Farid Virani is co-founder and board member of The Faris Foundation. Farid understands deeply from the family’s personal journey the need for better treatment and research for rare pediatric cancers. He also recognizes that bringing attention to the lack of federal funding in pediatric cancer requires a robust commitment and communal engagement.

Inspired by his beloved Faris D., his company, Prime Communications (largest authorized retailer for AT&T) has led the “Let there be GOLD” educational and fundraising campaign for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month in September at all stores nationwide. Under Farid’s leadership, the Prime Communications team has raised significant funding for childhood cancer research at Texas Children’s Hospital, the largest children’s cancer center in the country.

Farid hopes to continue the legacy of being an advocate for childhood cancer started by his son and lead the Foundation in a way that would make Faris D. proud.

Anjum Asharia

Director of Programs and Inspired Student of Chief Angel Officer, Faris D.


With 10 years of experience from the forefront of movements for social change, Anjum brings her skills as a strategist, designer, and advocate for all things good to her role at The Faris Foundation. She is the co-producer of the PBS Indie Lens webseries CareForce One Travelogues (2018). As a part of the team at Studio REV-, she co-created work that has been featured in publications and outlets such as The New York Times, PBS, and ArtForum, and presented at venues including The White House, the Museum of Modern Art, Tribeca Film Festival, MIT, the American Museum of Natural History, and more. 

With her storied collaborative experience with diverse communities, Anjum hopes to dream, scheme, and bring into the world out-of-the-box and original programming that would satisfy the lofty standards and aesthetic rigor of Faris D.

Tiffany Talbert

Director of Growth and Engagement


Tiffany comes to The Faris Foundation by way of Indiana, where she was born and lived until 2020. Her deep passion for children and youth has guided her career aspirations. She spent nearly a decade serving the youth of Indianapolis through a grassroots nonprofit. With her Masters in Nonprofit Management and Philanthropic Studies she has a wide-ranging skill set that includes grant writing and development, special events, program evaluation, operations, and direct service. 

Her purpose and devotion in this world are to her son, Gabriel. When she’s not working for brighter days and better treatment for children with cancer she can be found listening to podcasts, reading two or three books at a time, or retrieving golf balls for her son. With Faris’ guidance Tiffany hopes to operationalize the magic The Faris Foundation makes each and every day.

Daisy Joy

Chief Furry Officer and Sweetheart of Chief Angel Officer, Faris D.

Faris’ sweet girl Daisy Joy is an important member of The Faris Foundation team.

Her work experience includes: always welcoming everyone she encounters with a wagging tail, showing gratitude for each moment, and living in the present like Faris taught her. She reminds us with her unconditional love and playfulness, that whatever work we do at the Foundation should reflect Faris’ magical way of being in the world. Daisy Joy represents one of the Foundation’s core and grounding values: to bring delight to the lives of children.

Melissa Sandoval, MT-BC

The Faris Foundation Music Therapist at MD Anderson Children’s Cancer Hospital

Sabrina Rodriguez, MPS

The Faris Foundation Creative Arts Fellow (2021-2022) at Mount Sinai Kravis Children’s Hospital 

Leara Glinzak, ATR-BC, MSAT

The Faris Foundation Art Therapist at Texas Children’s Cancer Center (2020-2021)

Our Board

The Faris Foundation Board of Directors

Krista Babine, Dr. Susan Blaney, Councilman Naushad Kermally, Bonna Kol, Lori Vetters, Farid Virani

Dr. Asha Virani, President
Zahra Dossa, Treasurer