“Don’t kids matter? Aren’t we important? When I grow up, I will let there be GOLD.”

– Faris D.

September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month.

Faris D. Virani, during his three year journey with a rare form of bone cancer called Ewing sarcoma, was bewildered by the lack of public recognition around September and the gold ribbon, the international symbol for childhood cancer awareness.

Faris asked: “Don’t kids matter? Aren’t we important? When I grow up, I will let there be GOLD.”

Footage courtesy of Texas Children’s Hospital

Our Approach

Every September, we deepen our commitment to this cause through our public awareness campaign called Let There Be GOLD.

We honor every child, family, and angel during the month of September by raising awareness and education around childhood cancer so that our children will have brighter days and better treatments.

For a mother’s perspective on September, please visit: National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month: A Mother’s Perspective.

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Tools & Resources

Let There Be GOLD Toolkit

It’s easy to bring awareness and GOLD to your workplace, school, or community: check out our Let There Be GOLD Toolkit for everything you need to bring more GOLD into the world!

Projects & Initiatives

Threads of Gold

Art by HISD students inspired by gold, in collaboration with the HISD Fine Arts Department and Asia Society Texas Center. Click here to learn more about this program.

GOLD Celebrations

Our signature gold celebrations were initiated by Faris himself in 2015, and have become an annual tradition at children’s cancer centers and other sites serving children with cancer and their families. Check out this video featuring one of our GOLD parades at Texas Children’s Cancer Center!

GOLD Wireless

Our golden wireless partners – led by Prime Communications, the country’s largest AT&T Authorized Retailer – shine bright for children with cancer in over 2,000 retail and corporate locations across the US.

Wendy’s GOLD Wristbands

In advance of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, customers at participating Wendy’s locations can purchase a $2 “Let There Be GOLD” wristband that entitles them to a FREE Jr. Frosty every day for a year! Led by Wendy’s Houston Co-op and other Texas-area Wendy’s franchise owners.

GOLD Community, Coast to Coast

Every year, communities come together across the country to shine bright for kids with cancer!