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The Faris Foundation Quarterly
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 Year One: Magical Moments, Trailblazing Outcomes 
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February 1, 2020
Letter From Asha, Mommy To Chief Angel Officer, Faris D. Virani



We started The Faris Foundation exactly one year ago, on February 1, 2019, in honor of Faris’ 13th birthday. The foundation is an offering; a gift to the world from Faris’ compassionate heart and magical way of being. Though the foundation is only one year old, I am convinced through the amazing progress you will read in this first-year report, that when heaven and earth work together, transformative and beautiful things happen. You are part of that magic. Your confidence and support in our work has made this all possible; and for that, we are deeply grateful to each one of you.

Faris questioned a lot of things: “does God climb up on a ladder each spring to paint the leaves green?” or “why isn‘t there enough clean water if the earth is made mainly of water?” along with too many other challenging queries that silenced and humbled me.

But Faris D. never questioned his diagnosis or why he had cancer. He lived masterfully, savoring and celebrating each moment with his shimmering Light leading the way. He left us with words that embolden and define the mission and vision of the foundation. This is what makes the foundation so very unique, and our work so sacred. A nine year-old sweet boy left his “heartprint” for us to follow.

The foundation that bears his name continues to be led by that shimmering Light. We have clarity and we have a vision from our Chief Angel Officer. With your continued support and prayers, we will bring brighter days and better treatments to children with cancer.

I know Faris D. would be very proud of all you have done this year. We still have much to do. Please walk beside us and share your light on our journey.

Going with the FLOW,

 Volunteer with us and share your sparkle!

The Faris Foundation Birthday Art Party at Texas Children’s Cancer Center
Thursday February 27, 10am-12pm
6701 Fannin, Houston TX
Please RSVP: – Space is limited! 

Led by a professional artist, volunteers will work alongside children in the outpatient clinic on a fun creative project – no experience necessary!

Signing off with a Twinkling Thought 
“Love existed before heaven and earth.” – Hafiz

Gold Star
Goes to Heather Turner and Stephanie Barboza who show love to The Faris Foundation all year round! 

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