Faris D. Virani, during his three year journey with a rare form of bone cancer called Ewing Sarcoma, was always bewildered by why more people didn’t recognize the gold ribbon and September as National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month the way they recognized and rallied around other causes. He asked: “Don’t children matter? Aren’t we important? When I grow up, I will Let There Be GOLD.

The Faris Foundation, inspired by the shimmering light of Faris D., is emboldened by his words. Faris was never able to fulfill his wish or see the support of communities around the cause. It is now our highest calling to fulfill the wish of an angel.

Every September, we deepen our commitment to this cause through our public awareness campaign called Let There Be GOLD. We honor every child, family, and angel during the month of September by raising awareness and education around childhood cancer so that our children will have brighter days and better treatments. 

For a mother’s perspective on September, please visit: National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month: A Mother’s Perspective.