Brighter Days Care Packages

The Faris Foundation sends our curated and personalized “Brighter Days Care Packages” to children with cancer all across the US. If you know a child with cancer, simply submit a care package request using the form below, and we will deliver pure magic on your behalf!


    Can I submit a form if I’m not related to the child?

    Yes, of course! We only ask that you include the information of a parent/guardian in your request submission.

    How much does a Brighter Days Care Package cost to sponsor?

    Our Brighter Days Care Package contains $200 worth of magically curated gifts for the child. Interested in sponsoring one, click here [coming soon].

    How long does it take to get the Brighter Days Care Package?

    Our team works hard to have the Brighter Days Care Package ordered, individually wrapped, and shipped within 7-10 business days of receipt of submission. We work hard to create a magical and unique care package for each child, and we try our very best to ensure a speedy delivery!

    Who is eligible for a Brighter Days Care Package?

    To be eligible, the Brighter Days Care Package must be for a child no older than 18 diagnosed with cancer.

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