The Faris Foundation ART PASS 

Anat Ronen: Let There Be GOLD

An anamorphic street painting by artist Anat Ronen, in recognition of Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, produced in collaboration with The Faris Foundation. 

Click for full image.

Click for full image.

Art is GOLD 

The Faris Foundation presents a shiny new series of virtual art workshops, premiering in September 2020. 

Episode 3: Nature is GOLD

You will need:

  • Leaves

  • Sticks or twigs

  • Gold paint (for example, tempera or acrylic paint, or paint pens or sharpies)

  • Brush, if using paint

  • Glue  

  • String (for example, yarn or embroidery thread)

You will need:

  • Gold art foil, metallic gold paper, or heavy duty aluminum foil
  • White glue (or hot glue with adult supervision)
  • Smooth sturdy sheet of cardboard
  • Popsicle stick
  • Glue stick (or spray adhesive with adult supervision)


  • Colored permanent markers
  • Black acrylic paint

You will need:

  • Freezer paper
  • Scissors or Exacto knife
  • Sketch paper
  • Iron (with adult supervision!)
  • Ironing board or other heat-proof surface
  • Golden fabric paint
  • Foam brush or stencil brush
  • T-shirt or cotton panel
  • Cardboard for the inside of the t-shirt

Art Is Hope

The Faris Foundation’s inaugural art competition for childhood cancer awareness. 

Curator’s Talk and Gallery Tour with Lauren Taylor

Curator’s message

Hope is Golden…and Art is Hope.

This exhibition is the culmination of the Art is Hope art competition sponsored by The Faris Foundation in Houston, Texas. As Faris’s art teacher, I had the great joy of spending many golden moments creating art together during his cancer journey. Faris understood the power of art, and even at the tender age of 9, he declared that “Art is my Life.” I personally saw how creativity brought Faris joy, peace, and hope.

The idea for this competition came in a divine spark of inspiration and indeed, that spark yielded over 60 submissions from all over the world. Artists from India to Australia, from Ireland to Bahrain, from South Korea to the United States, heard our golden call and answered. Their responses are what you see in the gallery before you.

While none of our artists worked together on this project, interestingly, certain themes began organically appearing within the work. As a curator, I could not help but notice the golden threads connecting all of these pieces together.

The main themes of our exhibition are:

Wings of Hope – Birds and Butterflies

Hope Must Be Cultivated and Tended – Plants, Flowers, and Trees

Hope from Help – The Helpers, The Things That Spark Joy

Hope’s Form in the Soul – Abstractions & Landscapes

Joy of Creativity – Work with The Colorful Vibration of Children

Art is My Life – My Life is Art

How did we all connect? How did those threads get woven so far and wide? Golden hope is the answer.

– Lauren Taylor

Glow with us!

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