Mission and Values

Bringing brighter days and better treatments to children with cancer

The Faris Foundation is inspired by the provocative and edifying words of Faris D. Virani. In his nine years of earthly life, he emboldened us with his shimmering light, his magical way of being, and his triumphant spirit. Faris’ bold words and remarkable approach to his journey with Ewing sarcoma, a rare form of bone cancer, are our call to action. We hold our work to his same high standards: to be bold, original, and transformative in all that we do.

We are emboldened by the words of Faris D. Virani

Our work is focused in three key areas: research in rare childhood cancers, creative arts programs at children’s cancer centers, and public engagement and awareness around childhood cancer. Faris’ own words define each of these areas.

“Mommy, cancer is not hard.”

Childhood Cancer Research

If a child can say that, then the cure for cancer can’t be hard. It requires conviction. It requires a community rallying around it. And it requires deep, transformative investment.

“Art is my life; writing is in my blood.”

Art Is My Life

Art was a powerful force of hope and healing in Faris’ cancer journey. He immersed himself in the creative process, and in it, found pure delight and joy. Understanding the power of creative expression, we seek to bring this same joy to children and their families in the hospital through our unique art programs.

“When I grow up, I will let there be GOLD.”

Let There Be GOLD

September is National Childhood Cancer Awareness Month, represented by the gold ribbon. Faris was always bewildered why more people did not recognize and honor this symbolic color and its cause. Let There Be GOLD is our public engagement campaign – and our work to fulfill the wish of an angel.